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What People Are Saying

“The pre-work and post-interview with the facilitator were fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient, and her years of experience show. The break-out sessions within the seminar each week were also an invaluable chance to speak openly with other job seekers. It was inspiring to see others changing industries and to lend each other support and validation.”

“It was very therapeutic to take a step back and approach the matter of my job search from square one and build out what I am looking for bit by bit. It was very enjoyable and enlightening, and I was able to use many of the tips provided during the successful interview that got me into a much better job.”

“Sessions were personalized, organized, and packed with relevant advice and guidance every time. An added plus was the facilitator is a very nice person who comes across as really caring about your job search success. Working with her made me believe in myself and my ability to make my future work goals a reality.”

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